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Tech / Assist - Sterile Processing Technician

Company: Regional West Medical Center
Location: Scottsbluff
Posted on: May 31, 2024

Job Description:

3x12 Rotating, 04:00:00-16:00:00, 12.00-3

Shifts will vary.Regional West operates on Low/Mid/High performer expectations - if it is determined a traveler is not performing to meet those expectations, the contract will be terminated immediately.Additional Requirements:Level II or Level I trauma center experienceStrong orthopedic and robotic skills for processing?? Position Urgency:Quick Start Billing string = Medefis

QC Job ID: 269807

Don't Trust this Agency! (yes, this one)
Was there really a rate drop the week after you signed your extension? Did the high paying job you just applied for actually close, or was it another bait and switch? Of course, clinicians are skeptical. We are trained to look for the evidence, so what are we supposed to do when the only evidence we have access to is the word of our recruiter, who undeniably has a conflict of interest. Where are the primary sources? Oh, sorry they aren't allowed to show that.

As a clinician, I understand and support the need to review the evidence for yourself, which is why our agency will not withhold information from our clinicians. We are willing to show you everything we see. You shouldn't have to take our word for it.

Hi, I'm Kirsten Hixon, a travel nurse and an owner of the healthcare staffing company Quality Clinicians. My teammates and I have been working hard to build a different kind of staffing firm as you can see listed in the below outline.

If you want a different kind of agency, stop working with the same ones and come help us build a better one.

1.Same Deal
All healthcare worker pay packages are calculated in the following manner, and we're happy to prove it:

Bill Rate (100% of revenue)

-QC Cost of Operations (16.18% of rev)

-QC Profit (3.8% of rev)

-Burden on Taxable Earnings (usually 1%-5% of rev depending on the state)

-MSP Fees (between 4%-11% of rev depending on MSP)

Clinician Pay (typically 70%-80% of rev)

We offer all clinicians this same deal with transparency. When all clinicians get the same cut and see everyone else's piece of the pie, we find the reasonable clinicians are satisfied with their pay package.
When you complete your profile to work with us, your assigned relationship manager (recruiter) can show you the bill rates, our cut, your cut, the terms of our agreements, etc. for any of our jobs that you are qualified for to prove the above calculation is being used. Additionally, we will do this at any point before or during your assignment for any rate changes, time keeping issues, guaranteed pay issues, etc.
3.Aligned Interests
While our competition pits recruiters and clinicians against each other, we align their incentives with each other and the rest of our stakeholders, in order to remove conflicts of interests.

  • Our competition pays their recruiters more money if they can get their clinicians to accept lower pay packages that are more profitable for the company. Eww.
    • Since there is nothing for clinicians to negotiate with our recruiters, they can behave like players on the same team instead of parties on opposite sides of a negotiation.
    • Instead of cash incentives for individual performance for internal staff we pay quarterly companywide profit share bonuses. Everyone gets the same percentage of their salary, because regardless of who scores the game winning point the whole team won, and every member of a winning team deserves to be rewarded fairly for their contribution.
    • We only make more if you make more or if we operate more efficiently, since our slice is always 19.98% (3.8% and 16.18%)
    • We only get more jobs if we get more facilities, and the best way to get more is to provide facilities with strong clinicians who are adaptable and dependable, so we are incentivized to be very picky with which clinicians we work with. 4.No Greedy Leaders
      All our leaders have agreed to be paid a salary less than the US President. We just figure this will keep the greedy ones from wanting to work with us and surely none of our jobs are as hard as the President's haha
      5.Stay Playful
      Hopefully you can see in point 4 we don't take ourselves too seriously, but this is one we'd really appreciate more help finding practical ways to make working together more fun, so we can all laugh and smile a bit more frequently!

      If you believe this is a better way of doing business we need your help. Try it for yourself. Complete your profile so we can help you find a better job. Share this post with your network. We are not a large agency with a marketing team so we need your help spreading the word. Otherwise, how will anyone know a different kind of agency even exists? I am just a person with a dream for how staffing could be better for everyone involved and I need your help to make this way of doing business an option for more people.

Keywords: Regional West Medical Center, Cheyenne , Tech / Assist - Sterile Processing Technician, Professions , Scottsbluff, Wyoming

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